LG LMN090CE Multi-Zone Air Conditioner

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LG LMN090CE Multi-Zone Air Conditioner

Standard Mini-Split Dual Zone (Cooling Only)

The larger, Flex Multi Split systems operate two or three interior units that are mounted in separate rooms. Each indoor unit comes with it's own remote control, allowing the customer to set the temperature individually in different rooms. These units are connected to a single exterior unit.

BTUs: 9,000/8,850
Air Circulation (CFM H/M/L): 250/210/170
Fan Speeds: 4/Auto/Chaos
Dehumidification (pts/hr): 2.3
Indoor dB(A): 31/29/22
Outdoor dB(A): 50
Interior Dimensions: 33 1/16 x 10 5/8 x 6 1/32
Interior Voltage: 36V DC
Exterior Dimensions: 40 5/32 x 34 3/16 x 17 5/16
Exterior Voltage: 230/208-60-1
Cooling / Heating Thermostat Range (°F): 64-86
Interior Weight (lbs.): 15.4
Exterior Weight (lbs.): 139