LG LP120CED1 PTAC Air Conditioner

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LG LP120CED1 PTAC Air Conditioner

11,800 BTU Digital Cooling, 10.7 EER

Standard Features
Ventilation Filter
Separate Indoor and Outdoor Motors
Defrost Control
Wireless Wall Thermostat
Gold Fin Anti-Corrosive Treatment
High Efficiency Rotary Compressor
Power Cord
Freeze Room Protection
Emergency Heat(Heat Pump Models Only)

Capacity (BTUs): 11,800
EER: 10.7
Air Circulation (CFM H/L): 420/390
Fan Speeds (Cooling/Heating/Fan): 2/2/2
Dehumidification (pts/hr): 3.3
Indoor dB(A)*: 49/47
Outdoor dB(A)*: 63/61
STC: 30

Rated Voltage: 265-60-1
Electric Heater (kW): 3.7

W x H x D (inches): 42x16x19 7/8
Weight (lbs.): 93.7

Thermostat Range
Cooling/Heating (°F): 54-86/54-86

Warranty: 1-year full system warranty, parts and labor. Warranty on unit for years 2-5: parts only, exclusive of the refrigeration system. Warranty on sealed refrigeration system: 5 year, parts and labor.