LG LP6000ER Window Air Conditioner

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LG LP6000ER Window Air Conditioner

6,000 BTU Low Profile with Energy Star

Low Profile Design
Does your décor call for something different than the traditional box-shaped unit? LG's designers have created a new and contemporary look. Our low profile line will take up less of your window, leaving you more of a view.

Electronic Controls
Easy to read and use, the electronic controls offer more accurate temperature management with a stylish design.

3 Cooling Speeds
Control the speed at which the room is cooled by adjusting the temperature of the air.

3 Fan Speeds
Varying fan speeds help to control and maintain room temperature, keeping the room comfortable.

* Contemporary low profile contour design
* PLASMA heat exchanger coating
* Energy Star rating
* Temperature Setting by 1 degree
* 4-way Air Deflection
* Energy Saver Function
* LCD Remote Control
* Digital Timer up to 12 hours
* Sleep Mode
* Auto Restart
* Built-in handles for easy installation
* Expandable built-in window panels