Boss DB-12 Dr Beat

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Boss DB-12 Dr Beat

The DB-12 Dr. Beat is an extremely compact and convenient digital metronome with a wealth of features that set it apart from anything in its class.

* Compact digital metronome lets musicians practice their rhythm anytime, anywhere
* 24 beat variations with 6 rhythm types
* Allows for the combination of different beats for working with syncopated passages or odd time signatures
* Handles time signatures of up to 17 beats per measure
* Useful Stop Watch and Timer with alarm for measuring song length or total session time
* Chromatic tuning over one full octave range (C4 to B4) with fine pitch-adjustment capability
* Automatic Power-Off function turns unit off after 60 min. (10 minutes when no functions are running)
* Headphone jack for silent click
* Unique stand-up operation is possible by placing a pen or pencil in "pen hole"


Tempo Range: M.M. 1/4 = 35 to 250
Tempo Accuracy: +/- 0.2 %
Beats: 24 variations
Rhythm Types: 6 types
Click Sound: 1 type
Reference Pitch: A4 = 438 to 445 Hz (1 Hz step)
Reference Note: C4 to B4 +/- 1 cent
Memories: Metronome Mode: 1, Tune Mode: 1 Timer Mode: 1
Connectors: Phones (Mono Mini)
Power Supply: DC 3V: Lithium Battery CR2032 x 1
Accessories: Strap, Lithium Battery (CR2032)