Boss DB-66 Dr Beat

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Boss DB-66 Dr Beat

The DB-66 Dr. Beat is a longtime standard in professional electronic metronomes, thanks to its innovative features and helpful slider-based control over individual note volumes.

* Professional standard in electronic metronomes
* Four sliders balance between different pitched chimes for quarter notes, eighth note afterbeats, sixteenth note afterbeats and eighth note triplets
* Two LEDs for visual monitoring of beats and downbeat
* Can be set for up to six beats per measure
* Tap mode for setting the tempo by tapping a key on the DB-66
* A-440 tone for acoustic instrument tuning


Tempo Range: M.M.1/4 = 35 to 250
Tempo Accuracy: +/-0.15 %
Beats: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Tuning Note: A4 (440 Hz, +/-0.2 cents)
Connectors: Headphones (mini stereo), DC In
Power Supply: DC 9 V Dry battery, AC adaptor
Accessories: Soft case, Dry batteries
Options: AC adaptor (PSA series)