Boss GT-5 Guitar Effects Processor

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Boss GT-5 Guitar Effects Processor

The BOSS GT-5 is a powerful floor-based multiple effects unit, developed in pursuit of the largest possible effects variety and highest possible sound quality. The GT-5's stunning preamp section employs Roland's COSM™ (Composite Object Sound Modeling) technology for emulating the best guitar amps in history. The GT-5's COSM technology also allows guitarists to play entirely new, synth-like sounds with guitar-based dynamics

* Floor-based guitar effects processor/preamp with large variety of both traditional and cutting-edge guitar effects, including chorus, tap tempo delay, reverb, harmonist, "humanizer" and acoustic guitar simulator (28 effects total)
* Up to 13 simultaenous effects w/ programmable effects order
* 150 presets, 100 User Patches, fully MIDI compatible
* COSM-based preamp allows for selection from a variety of computer-generated amplifier "models," speaker configurations and mic placements
* Harmonic Restructure Modeling (HRM) provides a wealth of new synth-like sounds with guitar-based dynamics (monophonic)
* Innovative functions such as "sound on sound" recording, auto fade in/out and "Quick Settings" for instant effects tailoring
* LCD and rotary dial for quick editing, built-in expression pedal and tuner
* Rugged metal casing, built to withstand the rigors of touring
* Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor.