Boss ME-33 Guitar Multiple Effects

Roland Updated: 2009-02-12 RSS
Boss ME-33 Guitar Multiple Effects

The ME-33 Guitar Multiple Effects arrives with an incredible range of killer 24-bit BOSS effects, onboard COSM® Amp Modeling, and Quick Edit knobs for fast tweaking. Throw in an onboard expression pedal and new EZ Tone feature and you've got the easiest way to tap into a tonal powerhouse.

* Floor-based guitar multi-effects processor with 24-bit sound quality and built-in assignable expression pedal
* Onboard COSM Amp Modeling with 6 distinct guitar amp models plus simultaneous overdrive and distortion effects
* 6 Quick Edit knobs for instant, familiar effects tweaking
* 24 distinct guitar effects (9 simultaneous) including new Feedback Modeling, Auto Wah, Humanizer, Harmonist, Auto Riff and Phrase Trainer
* EZ Tone settings for fast access to tones from a variety of musical styles
* Acoustic Guitar and Pickup Simulators for instant acoustic sounds
* Large backlit LCD with helpful operation graphics and icons
* Built-in auto tuner and patches optimized for use with 6- and 7-string guitars