Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample

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Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample

The BOSS SP-303 Dr. Sample offers DJs and musicians a compact, easy-to-use portable phrase sampler with CD-quality sound, 8-note polyphony, 26 onboard effects and a realtime pattern sequencer—all at a price unmatched by the competition. For sampling and effects processing anytime, any place, the SP-303 can't be beat.

* Compact phrase sampler with 44.1kHz sound quality and 8-note polyphony
* Onboard sampling time expandable via optional SmartMedia cards
* DJ-friendly operation via large, luminous sample pads and three knobs
* 26 groove effects including new Vinyl Simulation; internal resampling
* Realtime pattern sequencer with quantize function for easy song creation
* Selectable Gate, Loop and Reverse triggering of samples
* Accepts up to 64MB SmartMedia (optional) for sample/sequence storage
* Imports .WAV/AIFF files stored to SmartMedia cards
* AC adaptor included

Professional-Quality Phrase Sampling
While the SP-303 is easily the most affordable phrase sampler on the market, its professional sound and specs are on par with far more expensive models. Up to eight mono samples may be triggered at once—even when sampling using the "Standard" 44.1kHz recording mode. Two additional modes are provided for additional sampling time or to create "Lo-fi" effects.

New Pattern Sequencer
An onboard pattern sequencer makes creating songs from loops and phrases easy. Just select the length (up to 99 measures) and play along to the internal metronome. A quantize function corrects your timing, making it possible to create drum patterns by sampling individual sounds to the pads. And unlike the limited memory of other phrase samplers, the SP-303's sequencer can store up 7,500 notes.

26 Killer Effects
Not just a sampler, but a full-blown effects processor, the SP-303 includes 26 professional effects like reverb, flanger, delay, and Voice Transformer—plus wicked distortion, filter, Slicer, Isolator, Lo-Fi, and Vinyl Simulator algorithms for twisting your sound to the extreme. Best of all, these effects can be applied to multiple samples simultaneously or live input signals.

Resampling and More
Once you've found the perfect effect, you can resample the sound to a new pad. This makes it possible to get even more out of the EF-303's effects section. And adjusting effect parameters such as filter cutoff, delay time or modulation depth, for example, is as simple as twisting a knob.

SmartMedia Compatible
The SP-303 is the only low-cost phrase sampler that can use SmartMedia cards for expanding internal sampling time (up to 200 minutes) in addition to backing up data. You can even store .WAV and AIFF files from your PC to SmartMedia cards and load them into the SP-303 using a new import function.