Denon DP-500M Direct Drive Turntable

Denon Updated: 2008-10-02 RSS
Denon DP-500M Direct Drive Turntable

Experience the pleasures of your vinyl records anew with the DP-500M direct-drive turntable, a quality component built to deliver analog sound that will exceed your most vivid recollection.

The high-torque motor (4.5 kg/cm) boosts start-up speed to just 0.3 seconds, providing both quick operation and stable rotation with speed deviation of 0.002 percent or less. The tonearm has been designed for optimum sound quality through the use of diecast parts to boost rigidity and carefully placed deadening material to minimize vibration. This universal-type tonearm accommodates a wide variety of cartridges (cartridge not included). RCA pin-type analog outputs let you choose your interconnect to match sound quality or cartridge impedance between the turntable and your integrated amplifier or outboard phono preamplifier.

The turntable's 13-inch diecast-aluminum platter uses silicon rubber, a deadening material, over its entire reverse side to minimize howling. Hologram vibration analysis improves the ability of the supplied platter sheet to hold an LP record.

The lacquer-finished base on the DP-500M is both strong and surprisingly compact, given its large platter. The cabinet is made of rigid MDF (medium density fiberboard), which minimizes howling. MDF offers performance close to natural wood while imparting a soft finish and elegant appearance.