Denon RCD-CX1 CD/Super Audio CD Receiver

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Denon RCD-CX1 CD/Super Audio CD Receiver

The RCD-CX1 CD/Super Audio CD Receiver combines audiophile design and ease-of-use into a compact unit that takes little shelf space.

Featuring Denon's S.V.H. vibration suppression disc transport/loading system, the RCD-CX1 provides true audiophile sound with music CDs as well as high resolution Super Audio CDs.

The powerful amplifier section features discrete devices along with high current compatible power supplies, to provide 75 watts per channel into 4 ohms.

Denon's renowned AL24 high resolution digital audio processing assures optimum clarity and musical fidelity with your favorite discs.

The RCD-CX1's extensive connectivity includes provision for moving magnet or moving coil phono cartridge, along with additional inputs and outputs, including stereo pre-amplifier outputs as well as an optical digital output.

In addition, the Control Dock port permits connection to an optional Denon iPod dock (ASD-1R/11R) that lets you enjoy your favorite portable audio tracks, and stream photos and videos to your TV.