Edirol SD-80 Studio Canvas

Roland Updated: 2009-02-11 RSS
Edirol SD-80  Studio Canvas

The SD-80 is a high performance MIDI sound generator with a powerful synthesizer engine and high quality waveforms in one slim body.

The SD-80 is equally at home on your desktop or in your rack. We started with a footprint that accommodates either application, added tons of connection options like USB, Coaxial S/PDIF, Optical S/PDIF and 1/4" phone jacks, then made sure the sounds were just right — all 1,050 of them. For flexibility, you can even run specific MIDI channels through assignable audio outputs for outboard effects processing to make the sound all your own.

128 polyphony, 32-part MIDI synthesizer, 1,050 GM2/GS/XGlite tones and 30 drum sets, 3 MFX

Easy connection to computer through USB

Unique and flexible case design, Rack-mounted for studio use, or vertically mounted for desktop use

2-stereo/4-mono multi-outputs

24-bit S/P DIF optical & coaxial output, 2x MIDI IN, 2x MIDI OUT