Edirol SD-90 USB Digital Audio Studio

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Edirol SD-90 USB Digital Audio Studio

The SD-90 effectively integrates in one unit a top-quality MIDI synthesizer, a complete USB digital audio mixer, and audio effect processor –ideal for making music. The "Studio Canvas" is the ideal audio/MIDI solution for your desktop.

Audio Interface and Multi Effects
A 24-bit audio interface with a large selection of audio multi effects. Audio and MIDI digital effects for Guitar, Vocals, Mastering multi effects, and surround reverb not only for audio input/output, but also for its sound source.

Sound Module
The SD-90 has the highest quality MIDI sound generator with up to 128 polyphony and 32 multitimbral parts.

GM2/GS/Xglite compatible rich sound source with 32 multitimbral parts, 128 voices, and 3 insertion effects.
The SD-90 features over 1,000 instruments and 30 drum set selections, including new, recorded sound.

Easy to Use
"Quick Access" supports easy operation and fast editing. Easily control all studio elements (USB Audio, MIDI Instruments, and Analog) via a large high-definition LCD display and "Quick Access" encoder knobs on the front panel.

ASIO2.0/WDM Compatible Drivers
Drivers are compatible with ASIO 2.0 (Win/Mac) and WDM (Windows 2000), allowing high performance with applications such as Cubase, Logic, and SONAR.