JVC TD-V662BK Cassette Deck

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JVC TD-V662BK Cassette Deck

JVC's TD-V662BK, direct-drive three head cassette deck has monitor- capable combination three-head configuration. It has closed-loop dual-capstan drive with "Pulse Servo" direct-drive motor along with a computer-controlled full-logic control.


* Reduced acoustic modulation noise: Cassette-shell stabilizers, large insulators, and aluminum front panel
* "CD DIRECT" input for direct connection with CD player
* Silent mechanisms driven by exclusive motor actuators
* Powered cassette lid
* High bias frequency (210kHz) for clear sound
* Dolby B/C noise reduction w/ MPX filter switch
* Dolby HX PRO
* Fluorescent digital peak display and level meters/counters
* Balance Control
* Auto tape selector
* Auto record mute
* Multi Music Scan
* Timer start (record / play)
* Enhanced COMPU LINK Control System
* Headphone output
* DDRP (Dynamics Detection Recording Processor)
* Audio Record input
* Audio Playback output

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