JVC XL-MC222BK 200 Disc CD Changer

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JVC XL-MC222BK 200 Disc CD Changer

The JVC XL-MC222BK 200 Disc CD Changer gives you immediate access to the largest musical collections. The Play & Exchange feature makes it possible to change up to 25 of the 200 discs without stopping playback. A jog control makes selecting tracks & discs simple.


* Single chassis 200 disc changer. Electric CD door with disc eject
* JVC high precision 3-beam laser pickup
* 1-bit D/A Converter
* 8-times oversampling digital filter
* Play Exchange: change up to 25 discs without stopping playback
* Program up to 32 steps (tracks and discs)
* 20 Track Program Chart
* Multi Jog dial for disc/track selection
* Play Modes: All Disc Random, Program and Continous play
* Disc/Track Intro
* Direct Access remote control
* Resume Function
* Enhanced COMPU LINK Control System
* 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
* 17.2 lbs.
* Width: 17 3/16"
* Height: 7 7/8"
* Depth: 19"

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