Kworld SnapMusic Mobile 700

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Kworld SnapMusic Mobile 700

Listen and Record FM Radio on Your PC
Plug SnapMusic Mobile 700 into your USB port, enjoy FM programs broadcasted from local radio stations and web radio from anywhere in the world. It is easy to record your favorite FM shows or music for your iPod or any other portable music players.

Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward FM or Web Radio in Real-time
The time-shift function gives you the freedom to listen to your favorite radio programs based on the schedule. You can pause the broadcast and enjoy it when you are less busy.

Find Recorded Song Title, Singer and Song Information for FREE
Ever listen to the radio and wonder what the name and the artist are for the song? SnapMusic Mobile 700 helps you find out all of these! It is FREE to obtain the singer, the title, the other music by the same artist and other related information.

No External Antenna Required
SnapMusic Mobile 700 is developed with a hidden antenna. Use this product effortlessly, and enjoy the recorded programs!

Friendly software: KWorld SnapMusic and Snaptune Snaptune one
Snaptune One provides information for each song: the album the songs come from, other albums by the same artist, radio rating, and detailed reviews for the albums from

* Supports worldwide FM band
* Can easily record your favorite FM programs
* You can pause, rewind, or fast forward live radio or schedule recording your favorite FM programs
* Freedom of listening and recording FM radio from stations in your local area and web radio from anywhere in the world with no subscriptions.
* Bundles Softwares: SnapMusic and Snaptune One, which is the ultimate radio time-shifting software that helps you discover new music.
* No External Antenna Required