Kworld SnapMusic Studio 715 Audio Capture

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Kworld SnapMusic Studio 715 Audio Capture

Record and Transform Old Audio Formats into Space-Saving and Easy to Organize Digital Library
Over the years, your collection of old cassette tapes and vinyl records keeps accumulating to take-over large shelves or storage rooms.Before your tape player or turn-table mal-functions, it's time to clean-up and get organized.When you own a KWorld SnapMusic Studio 715, you could record and transform your music collection into MP3 or wave format for easy organization and storage.

High Quality Audio Record & Playback with S/PDIF Supports
What we are offering is more than a sound card.The standard sound card in your computer offers standard "screen channels" such as your typical TV set.Enjoy your favorite concerts on your computer with surround sound capability offered by the embedded chipset in KWorld SnapMusic Studio 715 and S/PDIF in/output.With its help, transform these enchanting melodies into MP3 and still experience its authentic surround sound.

Turn Your Computer into a High Quality Recording Studio
Maybe you have been a podcasting master or your inner diva has been waiting to come out of the closet!Plug your music accompaniment and the adorable mini-microphone bundled with KWorld SnapMusic Studio 715, you would have used the best device to create your own album.

Combined with User-Friendly Roxio software
Using SnapMusic Studio 715 along with one of the best selling software in Digital Media software, Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 LE, you will be able to:

* Create perfect mixes for any mood or occasion.
* Add smooth transitions and automatic volume adjustments for studio quality sound.
* Convert your old LPs and tapes into CDs and DVDs, automatically identify and extract each soundtrack.


* Audio capture box with Line-in/out, SPDIF-in/out and Mic-in all in one
* Capture audio source from cassette, turntable, CD, DVD, game console or microphone
* Convert your old analog audio sources (such as LPs, cassette, turntable) into digital audio format
* Connect your desktop or laptop to your home audio system and turn it to a HiFi stereo system.
* Create your own podcast program by capturing and mixing your voice different background audio sources, such as cassette, turntable, or your PC music library.
* Recording live performances or lectures and creating your podcasts.
* Convert audio files into formats compatible with your portable player and UPnP-compliant living room devices.
* Burn high quality audio CDs.
* Application:
o Friendly and intuitively user interface
o Easily select different input source and mix any other input sources
2.Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 LE
The No.1 best selling digital media software, includes:
o Easy Audio Capture
o LP and Tape Assistant
o Record Now Audio
* With Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 LE , you can
* Work seamlessly with our device to capture all the audio you want
* Restore and rediscover your old favorites
* Convert your old LPs and tapes into CDs and DVDs, automatically extract soundtracks.
* Create perfect mixes for any mood or occasion
* Support music played on iPod, PSP or mobile phone.
* Support PC and Mac OS