M-Audio Black Box Guitar Performance Recording System

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M-Audio Black Box Guitar Performance Recording System

The award-winning Black Box is designed for guitar players who want to stretch the creative potential of the guitar. With an inspiring array of unique effects that automatically beat-sync to your song tempo or the included drum patterns, the Black Box allows you to quickly access intricate delay lines, randomized filters, pulsing feedback effects and countless other ways of jumpstarting the songwriting process. Co-developed by M-Audio and Roger Linn Design, the Black Box is the first creative tool for guitarists that combines amp modeling, powerful beat-synced effects and a drum machine with a Pro Tools M-Powered compatible audio interface for computer-based recording.

With new version 2 firmware, the Black Box features 40 amp models—including spot-on emulations of many of the greatest guitar amps of all time. The unit also incorporates over 120 unique inspiring effects, many of which beat-sync to the internal drum patterns or to an external sequencer. 100 built-in drum patterns with tap tempo make it easy to try out different grooves and tempos. A built-in microphone preamp is also included for recording and processing vocals and acoustic instruments. One simple USB connection sends the output directly to your favorite computer-based recording software—and syncs the Black Box's drums and effects to your tracks. The Black Box gives you killer tone, groundbreaking effects, huge beats, and it's the only dedicated guitar product in the world that gives you access to Pro Tools M-Powered.

Amp Modeling—Vintage to Modern
The Black Box with new version 2 firmware tears it up with 40 virtual amp models (based on AdrenaLinn™ technology) that span the gamut of the tools needed by the modern guitarist. You get killer models based on classic and modern amps from* Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa Boogie, Hiwatt, Soldano, Roland, Bogner. Budda, Matchless, Deizel, and more, plus four classic bass amps, two fuzz tones and a clean preamp. These virtual amp models are so realistic that you won't know the difference when you close your eyes—but your back and wallet will.

Beat-Synced Effects
Unique and distinctive effects are one of the hallmarks of AdrenaLinn II™ technology. All effects are beat-synchronized to the drums or external MIDI clock, so they're always in sync with your grooves and sequences. In addition to standards like tremolo, delay, chorus, auto-wah and talk box, the Black Box has a variety of unique effects such as filter sequencing and arpeggios that let you create sounds nobody's heard before. There's also an independent beat-synced delay with controls for note division, number of repeats and volume. You can also process your guitar, microphone or drum patterns through the DSP effects for some truly "out there" original sounds. And for a truly polished sound, the unit also includes a compressor/sustainer and reverb with five selectable room types.

Drummer on Call
You can get your grooves and songs started instantly with the 100 built-in drum patterns. You'll find all kinds of inspiring styles to choose from. Best of all, the Black Box's unique beat-synced effects are automatically locked to the drums. Just tap the tempo you want with the footswitch or front panel button to set the desired master tempo. You can even run them through the on-board effects for some very unique sounds.
The drums and effects can also lock to the tempo of incoming MIDI Clock from your sequencer. It's pretty much impossible to avoid playing something new and cool every time you turn the Black Box on.

Instant Inspiration
The Black Box ships with 100 great presets that get you rockin' as soon as you power up. These smoking combinations of amp models, beat-synced effects and drum grooves will have you jamming instantly every time you turn the Black Box on. There are also 100 user preset locations so you can store all your favorite variations and unique creations. Everything is super-simple and intuitive so that you can focus on what's important—your music.

Record Now
You've turned a lot of people's ears with the Black Box alone… and there's even more power available to you when you plug it into a Mac or PC. We've built our highly acclaimed mobile interface and mic/instrument preamp technology right into the Black Box. Just connect a USB cable between Black Box and your computer and your creative output goes right to your tracks—and your mix is available for monitoring at the Black Box's headphone and balanced outputs. Included drivers for WDM, ASIO and CoreAudio gives you the flexibility of working with most popular sequencing software, including Pro Tools M-Powered, Ableton Live, GarageBand, SONAR, Digital Performer, Logic and more. In fact, Black Box is the only dedicated guitar product in the world that gives you access to the world of Pro Tools M-Powered.

We've thrown in just about everything you might think of to make the Black Box easy to work with. Inputs for momentary and expression pedals give you tons of control. We've built a tuner in so there's one less thing to worry about. The included mic stand adapter lets you position the Black Box within easy reach. There's even a Kensington lock slot for security and peace of mind.

Digital Outs
Need to record to a digital device like a hard-disk recorder or a different computer audio interface? No problem. The Black Box features S/PDIF output of 24-bit/44.1kHz. The output of the Black Box's DSP amp and effects section goes to your other device without any analog degradation.