Pioneer SC-09TX A/V Receiver

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Pioneer SC-09TX A/V Receiver

Go beyond sound as you know it. Go beyond technology as you've ever experienced it before. Enter the world of Pioneer Elite®. A world dedicated to the pursuit of pristine audio. A world where advanced technology performs in perfect harmony with outstanding sound quality. A world where AIR Studios™ Sound Tuning ensures music is reproduced, as close to its original sound as possible. It's a world so unbelievably crisp, so undeniably clear and so completely pure, it will change the way you listen forever.


Welcome to the world of SC-09TX. Created to perform as the ultimate home theater A/V Receiver, this incredible receiver reproduces multi-channel HD –Audio so rich, so dense, and so completely engrossing; no conventional analog amplifier available can even come close.

Brace yourself for a world with more connectivity, more control and more ways to enjoy your high-definition entertainment. With abundant HDMI connectivity, HDMIi digital video conversion, 1080p video scaling, advanced 192kHz sampling rate conversion, and advanced HD multi-zone custom installation.

The SC-09TX was built to ensure the highest quality home theater experience possible. But the benefits of enhanced technology don't stop there.

Our engineers loaded this receiver with the most advanced digital signal processing available with new THX Ultra 2 Plus™, DOLBY® True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD® Master Audio decoders, Advanced MCACC room calibration, and a wide variety of sound-field enhancements for new digital sources such as iPod®, XM-HD® and SIRIUS® Satellite Radio, and network A/V sources; all with OSD & Control®.

Developed in collaboration with ICE PowerTM (the leader in class-d analog amplifier design) and final sound tuning performed with the help of Air Studios™ sound engineers, the SC-09TX combines unprecedented amplification with the highest definition A/V processing to take all of your music, movies, video's and digital photos beyond the living room, straight into uncharted territory.

With cutting-edge technology and feature enhancements never before seen or heard, the SC-09TX combines the best of digital and analog technology for a truly evolutionary home theater performance and marks a new era in high-definition stereophonic fidelity, convenience, and control.