Pioneer VSX-36TX THX Ultra Surround Receiver

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Pioneer VSX-36TX THX Ultra Surround Receiver

So you want to be an all-powerful home theater god? Not a problem, but you WILL need to buy the VSX-36TX, just to seal the deal. The VSX-36TX features THX-EX surround processing, meaning that you and your guests will now be TOTALLY surrounded with 6.1 channels of sound in movies and other Surround-Back (SB) encoded material. If you like, employ two SB speakers for 7.1 channels (remember, the .1 refers to your sub). 100 Watts per channel x 5 in surround mode will ensure goose bumps. The Elite two-year warranty applies.


* Stereo: 100 Watts per Channel (20 - 20 kHz, @ 6 ohm, 0.09% THD)
* Surround: 1000W x 5 (20 Hz to 20k Hz, .09% THD)
* Direct Energy MOSFET Amplifier Design
* Direct Construction Design
* Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink
* Copper Direct Current Bus Bar
* Thick Copper Plated Double Density Printed Circuit Board
* Diode & Transistor Covers

Digital Decoding and Processing

* THX-Ultra Certified
* Surround EX 6.1 Decoding
* DTS-ES Matrix Decoding
* Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoding
* DTS 5.1 Decoding
* Dual 24-bit Digital Signal Processing Engine
* 24-bit Analog to Digital (A/D) Converters
* Burr Brown 96k / 24-bit Digital to Analog (A/D) Converters - 8 Channels
* 6 Acoustic Environment Digital Sound-fields
    o Hall
    o Jazz
    o Dance
    o Theater 1
    o Theater 2
    o 5/7 Channel Stereo
* Advanced Theater Modes
    o Drama
    o Musical
    o Action
    o 5/7-D Theater
* Midnight Mode
* Multi-Channel Tone Controls
* Multi-Channel Digital NR


* Surround Back Channel Output
* DVD-A Ready 7.1 Channel Input w/ Trim By-pass
* Pre-Amp Output (ALL Channels)
* 5 Digital Inputs (3 Optical/2 Coaxial)/2 Digital Out (Optical)
* Inputs - 5 Audio/5 Audio/Video
    o Phono
    o CD
    o CDR/Tape 1
    o TAPE 2
    o TUNER
    o DVD/LD
    o TV/SAT
    o VCR/DVR
    o VCR 2
    o Video
* Outputs - 2 Audio/2 Audio Video/1 Video
    o CDR/TAPE Audio Output
    o Tape 2 Output
    o VCR/DVR Audio/Video Output
    o VCR 2 Output
    o Monitor Video Output
* Component Video Switching (2 Inputs/1 Output)
    o TV/SAT Input
    o DVD/LD Input
    o Monitor Output
* S-Video (5 Inputs/3 Outputs)
    o DVD/LD Input
    o TV/SAT Input
    o VCR/DVR Input
    o VCR 2 Input
    o Video (Front Panel) Input
    o VCR/DVR Output
    o VCR 2 Output
    o Monitor Output
* Parallel A/B Speaker Switching
* Banana Speaker Terminals (ALL)

Convenience Features

* Dot Matrix Display
* Video Signal Select
* Illuminated Smart Remote
* Multi-Room/Multi-Source Control
* OSD w/ Overlay Confirmation
* Loudness Curve
* Direct Switch
* 3 step FL Dimmer
* 3 Rear Panel AC Accessory Outlets
* AM/FM Tuner
    o Random Presets for 30 AM/FM Stations
    o 3 Speed Tuning
* Control Door Design