Roland D2 Groovebox

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Roland D2 Groovebox

The D2 Groovebox® is the first compact groove music workstation to benefit from Roland's D-Field Controller technology. This touch-sensitive pad makes it easy to program and modify patterns, sounds, effects and more simply by touching the surface. There's also 150 all-new patterns including the latest 2-Step and R&B styles.

* Performance-oriented Groovebox (sequencer/sound module) with all-new interactive design
* Easy operation using touch-sensitive D-Field with three distinct modes
* SOUND makes playing patterns and sound effects easy by touching the D-Field
* XY provides simultaneous control over two parameters (e.g. filter cutoff + resonance)
* SPIN creates turntable-style effects by tracing the pad in a circular motion
* 600 Preset patches and 30 Preset drum kits with waveforms equivalent to the MC-505
* 150 patterns including new 2-Step and R&B styles, plus 240 RPS (Realtime Phrase Sequence) patterns
* Separate Reverb, Delay and MFX sections with Groove-oriented algorithms
* New Step Recording method using D-Field and 32 LEDs
* Megamix function creates new patterns using parts from existing patterns

New D-Field Controller
The D2 puts you in control of the music with its revolutionary D-Field Controller. The D-Field makes playing sounds, controlling patterns and creating effects as easy as rubbing your finger across the surface. Three modes are provided, each with four buttons used to call up various functions.

This mode allows you to play patterns and sound effects by touching the D-Field and includes the following function buttons:

* RPS Play back Realtime Phrase Sequence patterns.
* AD LIB Use the pad to play solos manually or via the arpeggiator.
* VINYL EFFECT Call up scratching, backspin and other turntable sounds.
* ASSIGN 1 Use the D-Field to select or mute patterns and preview Patches.

This D-Field mode allows two parameters to be controlled simultaneously and includes the following function buttons:

* FILTER Control both cutoff and resonance with one finger.
* MFX Use the D-Field to control one of the 25 onboard multi-effects (MFX)
* X-FADER Crossfade between two Parts of the current pattern.
* ASSIGN 2 Assign the D-Field between Bender, LFO and Envelope.

This mode is for controlling patterns like a turntable by tracing circular motions on the D-Field. The following function buttons are included:

* VINYL Control patterns like a turntable including forward, reverse and stop.
* BPM Trace the pad forward or backward to vary the tempo.
* SD ROLL Control the speed of snare drum rolls by tracing the pad.
* ASSIGN 3 Assign the D-Field between Note Mute, Random Pitch and MFX.

Killer Sounds and All-New Patterns
The D2 includes 600 patches with waveforms inherited from the industry-standard MC-505 Groovebox. These dance-oriented sounds include ultra-phat bass and lead synths, screaming TB-303's, dance piano and strings, plus 30 floor-pounding drum kits. 150 Preset patterns are included and have been programmed in the latest dance music styles such as 2-Step and drum-intensive R&B. Of course, there's also plenty of house, techno, hip-hop and drum 'n' bass.

Create Your Own Grooves with Megamix
With the D2's Megamix function, it's easy to remix patterns into your own creations. Using the D-Field or Value dial, simply call up a phrases from one pattern, such as a bassline, and combine it with a phrase from another pattern. There are no rules, so you could take a drum 'n' bass rhythm and combine it with a piano riff from a house pattern. With the D2, anything is possible!