Roland JV-1080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module

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Roland JV-1080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module

The Roland JV-1080 is a worldwide standard in high-powered, two space synthesizer modules. Used on more recordings than any other module in history, the JV-1080 boasts a full range of acclaimed Roland sounds, as well as four expansion slots.

* Pro sound module with 64-voice polyphony and 16-part multitimbral operation

* Four expansion board slots for use with SR-JV80-Series Expansion Boards

* Large display for easy access to comprehensive editing parameters

* Built-in reverb, chorus and 40 different "insert" effects such as rotary, phaser, pitch shift and tempo delay, plus ring modulation

* Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the XV-5050 64-Voice Synthesizer Module.