Roland JV-2080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module

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Roland JV-2080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module

The JV-2080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module expands upon the worldwide success of Roland's JV-1080 by offering eight expansion board slots, three independent EFX sets and dramatically enhanced ease-of-use.

* Accommodates up to 8 user-installable sound expansion boards, allowing access to approximately 2,900 patches when fully expanded
* 768 internal patches; 16MB of wave data expandable to 144MB (16-bit linear format)
* Large 320 x 80 dot graphic backlit LCD for dramatically enhanced ease-of-use
* Innovative Patch Finder function groups similar patches from internal banks, expansion boards and memory data cards together
* Phrase Preview function allows users to hear patches within the context of a musical phrase by pressing volume knob; no keyboard needed
* 3 onboard EFX sets with 40 effects each
* Note tha this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the XV-5080 128-Voice Synthesizer/Sample Playback Module.