Roland MC-303 Groovebox

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Roland MC-303 Groovebox

The Roland MC-303 Groovebox® is a self-contained, retro-styled sequencer and integrated sound module with some very high-tech features. Techno, jungle, hip-hop, acid and other dance styles can now be approached easily and creatively by dance music producers and other groove enthusiasts with little or no musical training.

* 448 dedicated dance sounds, 40 synth basses (TB-303, etc.), 35 synth leads, 33 synth pads
* 12 rhythm kits, including TR-808, TR-909, techno, jungle and house sets
* Built-in vintage synth sounds and arpeggios, Preset and User dance patterns with 300 variations
* 16-part multitimbral with an 8-track sequencer containing multiple quantize functions: Grid, Shuffle and Groove
* Resonant filter, LFO, envelope control and built-in effects: delay, reverb, flanger and chorus
* Realtime Phrase Sequencer (RPS) for instant recall of musical phrases
* Low Boost feature
* Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilties can be found in the D2 and MC-307/505 Grooveboxes.