Roland MC-505 Groovebox

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Roland MC-505 Groovebox

The MC-505 Groovebox® builds upon the successful MC-303 as a self-contained, retro-styled dance music sequencer and sound module with powerful new sounds and realtime controls. New features include the revolutionary D-Beam light-sensing controller and a MEGAMix function for intuitive realtime pattern mixing.

* Professional Groovebox featuring high-performance sound engine: 64-voice polyphony, steeper multi-mode resonant filters, front-panel ADSR envelope controls
* Revolutionary D-Beam controller allows for effects and sound/note control via hand movement over infrared light beam
* 714 onboard dance music patterns developed by cutting-edge sound designers worldwide
* 512 built-in sounds and 26 rhythm sets, including the latest dance, hip-hop and techno music sounds and classic drum and synth sounds (TB-303, TR-808, JUNO, Jupiter, etc.)
* Three independent, synchronizable effects processors with powerful new effects
* Onboard arpeggiator
* MEGAMix function allows for intuitive pattern creation by combining rhythms and parts of one pattern with another
* Enhanced MIDI implementation, powerful sequencer section with increased note storage, multiple outputs (3 stereo/6 mono), new assignable part Mixer sliders
* SmartMedia slot accepts external 2MB and 4MB SmartMedia cards for unlimited pattern and patch storage and direct pattern playback