Roland TD-10 Percussion Sound Module

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Roland TD-10 Percussion Sound Module

The V-Drums® TD-10 Percussion Sound Module presents drummers and drum programmers with a truly revolutionary electronic percussion environment. Using Roland's proprietary COSM® technology, V-Drums TD-10 users can model drum and percussion sounds with stunning realism and sonic flexibility. The TD-10 enhances this capability with lightning-fast drum triggering and onboard effects processing. This module can be expanded with the TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board for more sounds, V-Cymbal® control, and enhanced functionality.

* Revolutionary percussion sound module models drum type, shell material, drum depth, drum head type, drum tuning, mic type and even mic placement on the "virtual" drum
* Extremely easy to use via six faders, icon-based programming and backlit graphic LCD
* Lightning-fast trigger response for an unbelievably natural feel
* Amazingly accurate detection of stick velocity, position and speed
* Positional sensing allows for triggering of sounds with slightly different timbres depending on location of drum hit
* Over 600 amazing drum sounds and 50 melody instruments
* 50 full drum kits with 4 assignable percussion groups
* Built-in 8-track sequencer with 4-part backing band
* Onboard studio-quality reverb, EQ, compression, and ambience effects
* 12 dual-trigger inputs and 8 outputs (4 stereo pairs)
* Table-top, rack-mounted or drum-mounted operation possible
* Fully compatible with all Roland V-Drums pads, as well as other pads
* Expandable via optional TDW-1 Wave & System Expansion Board


Sound Generator: Variable Drum Modeling
Max. Polyphony: 56 voices
Instruments: Drum Instruments=600, Backing Instruments=54
Drum Kits: 50 (User), 50 (Card)
Drum Kit Chains: 16 chains (32 steps per chain)
Instrument Parameters: Acoustic Drum (Shell material, Shell depth, Head type, Head tuning, Muffling, Strainer adjustment), Electronic Drum (Attack, Tone pitch, Noise pitch, Decay, Noise tone balance, Pitch bend), TR-808/TR-909(Attack, Tune, Tone, Snappy, Decay), Others (Pitch, Decay)
Studio Parameters: Studio type, The TD-10 starts with over 650 amazing sounds and 50 full drum kits with Room size, Wall type, Ambience mic position, Mic type, Mic position
Mixer Parameters: Volume, Pan, Output select
Compressor/Equalizer: Compressor x 10, 2-band parametric equalizer x 10, 3-band master equalizer
Effects: 30 types (Incl. Reverb , Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Pitch shift delay, Delay RSS)
Trigger Parameters: Trigger type, Sensitivity, Threshold, Curve
Sequencer: Tracks=4, Patterns=50 (Preset), 50 (User), Play Function=One shot, Loop, Tap, Resolution=192 TPQN, Recording Method =Realtime
Metronome Parameters: Time Signature, Interval, Volume, Output select (Master/Phones only), Instruments=16 (Voice counting, Click, Cowbell, etc.)
Tempo: 20 to 260
Display: 64 x 160-dot backlit graphic LCD, 8-segment 3-character LED
Connectors: Trigger Input (dual) x 12, Output x 8 (4 stereo pairs), Phones, Monitor Mix In (Stereo), Hi-Hat control, Footswitch(dual), MIDI (In, Out, Thru), Expansion Board Slot, Memory Card Slot
Power Consumption: 18 W (AC 117V/230V/240V)