Roland TDW-1 Wave System Expansion Board

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Roland TDW-1 Wave System Expansion Board

With the TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board, Roland V-Drums® owners can instantly inject their TD-10 Percussion Sound Module with 360 amazing new sounds while adding some important system updates. The affordable TDW-1 board can be user-installed within seconds, making it an easy way to quickly extend the power of the V-Drums® TD-10 module.

* User-installable system and wave expansion board for V-Drums® TD-10 Percussion Sound Module
* Adds 14MB of wave data including 360 dynamic new drum and percussion instruments
* Includes 50 new drum kits focused on specific musical genres
* Improves sensitivity and dynamics, especially in hi-hat and cymbals
* New group settings for greater fader control of drum sounds