Roland VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor

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Roland VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor

The VP-9000 VariPhrase® Processor is a revolutionary audio processor capable of realtime manipulation of sampled phrases' pitch, time, and formant via MIDI while maintaining superb sound quality. Use it to instantly match loops to the same key and tempo, add realistic harmonies to a solo vocal performance, bend notes in real time without changing the phrase length and much more.

* Revolutionary new rackmount audio processor employing proprietary VariPhrase technology
* Elastic audio processing allows realtime sync of samples with different keys and tempo, while formant processing eliminates tedious multi-sampling
* Three knobs for realtime control over pitch, time, formant and groove
* Large icon-based graphic LCD for high-level wave editing and simplified operation
* 8MB standard memory (expandable to 136MB using optional SIMMs); internal resampling capability
* Compatible with VP-9000/Roland S-700/Akai S1000/AIFF/.WAV format files
* Independent studio-quality reverb, chorus, and multi-effects processor with 40 types
* Internal Zip250 drive for storing samples and transferring files to a Mac or PC
* Two SCSI ports for connecting hard drives, Zip drives, and CD-ROMs
* Six analog outputs plus digital I/O in coaxial and optical formats

Includes V-Producer Software
V-Producer combines the reliability of the VP-9000 hardware with the convenience of your personal computer. Now you can control everything from encoding and wave editing to building arrangements, mixing and effects using a computer screen and mouse. Let V-Producer open the door to a new way of making music with VariPhrase.

Powerful Phrase Scope Editing
The VP-9000's ability to manipulate Pitch, Time, and Formant via front-panel knobs has made it popular with live performers. Now, with V-Producer's Phrase Scope window, studio users can control these same elements using an intuitive graphic interface. Create new melodies by drawing in the pitch, or change phrasing with the click of a mouse—all in real time.

Main Window and Mixer Window
V-Producer's Main Window offers intuitive "drag and drop" sequencing of phrases loaded in the VP-9000. Build your song onscreen, then open the Mixer Window for graphic 6-channel mixing of the VP-9000's multitimbral parts. You can even control the VP-9000's internal effects and routing graphically via the Effects Window.

Controls Up to Six VP-9000's
A single copy of V-Producer can be used to control up to six VP-9000's. Create a complete VariPhrase workstation with up to 36 audio tracks (36 voices or 36 multitimbral parts) and bring it all together under one simple, elegant program. V-Producer is the software that grows with your hardware.

MTC Sync Ready
While V-Producer is designed to work as a stand-alone application, it can also be synchronized with other hardware and software sequencers—even if they're run on the same computer—using MTC (MIDI Time Code). Or, simply export your V-Producer arrangement as a Standard MIDI File. The choice is yours…