Roland VS-2480DVD Digital Studio Workstation

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Roland VS-2480DVD Digital Studio Workstation

The First V-Studio with DVD Archiving! The VS-2480DVD takes Roland's best-selling 24-track workstation and makes it even better with the addition of a DVD multi-drive for storing up to 4.7GB of data. Naturally, the VS-2480DVD has all the great features of the original—including 64-track digital mixing, motorized faders and VGA monitor support. It's also compatible with the new VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board, opening up a world of plug-in effects.

* Flagship 24-track digital studio workstation with internal DVD multi-drive
* Store up to 4.7GB of project data on a single DVD-R or DVD-RW disc!
* New 3rd party plug-in support via optional VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board

Massive 4.7GB Storage on Recordable DVD Discs
Thanks to a new DVD multi-drive, the VS-2480DVD lets users store up to 4.7GB of data on a single DVD disc. This is great for archiving an album's worth of songs—no more saving across multiple CDs! Of course, CD-R and CD-RW discs can also be used for normal CD burning.

New Plug-In Support with Optional VS8F-3
The VS-2480DVD supports the use of VS Plug-Ins by installing an optional VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board. Up to four boards can be installed, and each is capable of running two high-quality plug-ins from Roland, or optional 3rd party plug-ins from developers like Antares, Universal Audio, Massenburg, McDSP and more. This is the ultimate V-Studio for producers and songwriters alike.

- Tracks: 24, V-tracks: 384 (16 V-Tracks per each Track)
Sample Rate
- 96.0/88.2/64.0/48.0/44.1/32kHz Adjustable range with vari-pitch function, 22.00kHz to 98.00kHz (at 96kHz), 22.00kHz to 50.00kHz (at 48kHz)
Max. Simultaneous Recording/Playback Tracks
- Sample Rate 48/44.1/32kHz: [16tr.Rec/16tr.Play(M24, M16, CDR), 16tr.Rec/24tr.Play(MTP,MT1/2, LIV, LV2)
- Sample Rate 96/88.2/64kHz: [8tr.Rec/8tr.Play(M24, M16, CDR), 8tr.Rec/12tr.Play(MTP,MT1/2, LIV, LV2)
Frequency Response
- 96.0kHz:20Hz to 40kHz (+0dB/-2dB), 88.2kHz:20Hz to 40kHz (+0dB/-2dB), 48.0kHz:20Hz to 22kHz (+0dB/-2dB), 44.1kHz:20Hz to 20kHz (+0dB/-2dB), 32.0kHz:20Hz to 14kHz (+0dB/-2dB)
- 200 projects in each partition
- 1000 per project
- 100 (10 x 10 banks) per project
- 100 (10 x 10 banks) per project
- 999 Undo/1 Redo
- 4-band (2 schelving + 2 peaking)
Dynamic Processor
- Compressor, Expander Useful simultaneously at up to 48ch in both Input Mixer and Track Mixer. Compressor+Expander
- Max. 8 stereo (One pre-installed + 3 more optional VS8F-2)
- 320 x 240 dots Graphic LCD (with backlit)
Power Consumption
- 80W (AC 117/230/240V)
- Demo CD, PS/2 Mouse, Short Cut Seal, AC Cord
Slim DVD MULTI Drive (Built-in Type)
Read speed
- DVD-ROM: Max 8X CAV, CD-ROM: Max 24X CAV
Maximum Write speed
- CD-R: Max16X Zone CLV, CD-RW: 4X CLV, High Speed CD-RW: 8XCLV, DVD-R: 2XCLV, DVD-RW: 1XCLV
Support Buffer Underrun Free Recording (SmoothLink™)