Roland VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board

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Roland VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board

Put Plug-In Power In Your V-Studio! The VS8F-3 Plug-In Effect Expansion Board is an easy and affordable way to add powerful plug-in effect processing to your V-Studio. Each board is capable of loading two high-quality plug-ins from Roland and 3rd party developers (sold separately). To get you started, there are five Roland plug-ins included right out of the box. And the sound quality is top-notch—thanks to 56-bit internal processing and up to 96kHz sound quality.

* Open platform card adds powerful plug-in processing to the latest V-Studios
* Superb sound quality: 56-bit processing and up to 96kHz sampling rate
* Runs 2 stereo (4 mono) plug-ins at 48kHz or 1 stereo (2 mono) plug-in(s) at 96kHz
* Includes 5 Roland plug-ins, plus support for optional 3rd party plug-ins
* Compatible with VS-2000CD/2400CD/2480 Series. VS-2400CD/2480/2480CD require a CD-ROM update included in the box.
* Support for the VS-1680/1880/1824 is planned beginning the 2nd quarter of 2004.
* Install up to two plug-ins per card
* 3rd party developers include Antares, IK Multimedia, Universal Audio, Massenburg, McDSP and more

Roland Stereo Reverb
A brand new, true Stereo Reverb from Roland. Great for giving your drums and vocals a rich spatial effect, or while processing stereo-mic'd tracks.

Roland Tempo Mapping Effect
The Tempo Mapping effect will let you sync a delay to the tempo of your song.

Roland Pre-Amp Modeling
The Pre-Amp Modeling Effect gives you more options for warming up your vocals and acoustic instruments.

Roland Mastering Toolkit
This enhanced version of the very popular Mastering Toolkit has multi-band dynamics and loads of other tools.

Roland Vocal Channel Strip
This is a brand new Vocal Channel Strip including a Compressor/Expander, Enhancer/De-esser, EQ, Pitch-Shifter, Chorus and Delay.