Roland VariOS Open System Module

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Roland VariOS Open System Module

Massive New Updates for VariOS!
V-Producer OSX, Modeling Synths and More

* NEW * VariOS-8 and VariOS 303 now with OS X Support!
If you're a VariOS owner, proceed immediately to the Downloads tab. There you'll find not only the latest USB drivers and V-Producer 2.1 (with OSX support), but also the new VariOS-8 and VariOS 303 modeling synths. Turn your VariOS module into a virtual Juno/Jupiter synth and TB-303!

VariOS Tips
Packed with techniques for taking advantage of the VariOS in actual music production situations. Go to Downloads tab VariOS is an open-ended hardware/software system that can be customized for different needs. With the bundled V-Producer software, users can create audio-based arrangements while independently manipulating pitch, time and formant. Load the included VariOS-8 and VariOS 303 software, and VariOS can emulate some of Roland's most popular vintage synths—complete with an impressive array of effects. And since the VariOS module handles all processing, there is no drain on the host computer's CPU.

* Open-ended hardware/software bundle consisting of VariOS module and downloadable control software for Mac or PC
* Now includes three software bundles: V-Producer, VariOS-8 and VariOS 303
* V-Producer offers realtime audio manipulation/construction using VariPhrase*
* VariOS-8 emulates vintage Juno and Jupiter polysynths with intuitive onscreen editing
* VariOS 303 emulates TB-303 bass sounds with step sequencing and "Slides"
* High-quality effects included for each software application; zero CPU drain
* Connect VariOS to your computer via USB or use it as a stand-alone module
* More VariOS applications to be announced

The Power of VariPhrase in Your PC
Imagine having a software program that allows you to build complete audio-based productions in real time without draining your computer's processor. That's the idea behind VariOS. This open-architecture system combines intuitive V-Producer for VariOS software with a 1U hardware module to create the most powerful audio production system ever conceived. Create complete 6-part audio arrangements while freely manipulating pitch, time and formant. VariOS also comes with separate reverb, chorus and multi-effects so you can process and mix your samples in a plug-in like environment. A simple USB connection is all it takes to be up and running.

Easy Audio Encoding and Arranging
Building a song with VariOS is a simple process. First, browse your computer hard drive for .WAV and AIFF files. V-Producer can then quickly and automatically batch encode the data and transfer it via USB to the module. Once encoded and transferred, you can arrange tracks in V-Producer using simple drag-and-drop commands. Best of all, any audio file can be made to work with another, since VariPhrase permits independent manipulation of pitch, time and formant without unwanted artifacts.

Twist Your Loops with GrooveScope
V-Producer's GrooveScope window takes reconstructing audio loops to new extremes. First, GrooveScope analyzes the audio and time-slices it into separate events. But here's where things get really interesting: Not only can these events be re-arranged to create new loops, but each event's pitch and time can be manipulated graphically without altering the original sound quality. All editing is non-destructive, so you're free to experiment as much as you please—all in real time. And if you prefer tweaking with knobs rather than a mouse, just twist the VariOS module's dedicated controls while scanning the audio loop, and V-Producer will faithfully capture all your moves.