Sony CDP-CX455 CD MegaStorage 400 Disc Changer

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony CDP-CX455 CD MegaStorage 400 Disc Changer

The CDP-CX455 400 Disc MegaStorage® CD changer is perfect for your extensive CD collection. Access your CDs with ease using twin jog dial and enjoy MP3 and CD-R/CD-RW playback. Use features like Custom File Memo, MegaChanger control, optical digital output, cd text, and 2 repeat modes (disc or track) to make the most of your music. Keyboard input, FL display, 32 step program play, Control A1 II, and a Remote Commander® Remote Control are also included.

CD-R/RW with MP3 Playback Capability: Yes
Custom File? Disc Memo? Display 20 Characters: Yes
Artist File-2: Classify Discs According to Artist Name
CD Text Display with Compatible CDs: Yes
20-Track Music Calendar: Yes
32 Step Programming: Yes
Fade In/Out Function-2: 5 Seconds Fading Time (Analog Output Only)
Analog Variable Line Output: Yes
Remote Commander® Remote Control: Yes
Keyboard Input: Allows for easy Disc Memo Entry
Second CD Input: Analog Audio Input (RCA Type)
History Search-2: Find Discs Played for 30 Seconds or More (10 Disc Limit)
Name Search-2: Find Discs by Searching for Disc Name
Jog Dial? Control with Direct Access? Track Selection: Yes
Hybrid Pulse D/A Converter-2: Yes
Mega Control Allows X-Fade Play: No-Delay Play Between Changers
400 Disc CD Changer with Advanced Mega Control (Up to 400 Additional Discs): Yes
Optical Digital Output: Yes
Headphone Jack: Yes