Sony LBT-ZX6 Mini Hi-Fi Component System

Sony Updated: 2007-09-27
Sony LBT-ZX6 Mini Hi-Fi Component System

Experience a big sound in any room of the house with the LBT-ZX6 mini Hi-Fi system. With 560W split between 2 channels1, this system allows you to set the night to music, or entertain your guests while you reminisce about the good old days. The LBT-ZX6 features a 3-way speaker design as well as the Variable Attenuation Control Design (VACS) circuitry system, which provides low midrange and bass distortion when listening at high volumes. A 5-disc changer allows you to rotate your 5 favorite CDs of the moment while the 10 preset EQ with 2 band direct AV EQ lets you create the perfect acoustic environment for your listening pleasure. Other features include a color fluorescent display for function illumination and a Remote Commander®2 remote control for convenient unit operation.

In Japanese, Muteki means "unrivaled". With big sound, cutting-edge design, and unique features that promise to keep the party going, there's no better way to describe the LBT-ZX6 mini component system.

Game Sync® Mixing with Front A/V Inputs for Video Games
Mix game audio with a CD, tape, or tuner. 3 different modes can be selected: low, medium or high. The 3 different settings allow preset levels of game sound to mix with your music.

CD-R/CD-RW Playback Capability
if you already have an extensive music library, use CD burning software to create music compilations tailored to your listening preference and easily play them back.

5 Disc CD Changer
An easy way to keep the music going all day, or all night long.

Tuner with 20 FM and 10 AM Station Presets
Provides easy access to the most listened to radio stations.

Direct A/V EQ for Simplified Equalizer Operation
Enhance your music listening experience with sound modes for different types of music, such as rock and pop.

Variable Attenuation Control System (VACS)
achieves sound reproduction with superb clarity, even at high volume levels. By getting rid of sound distortion commonly experienced during high volume playback, VACS lets you enjoy your music the way it was meant to sound at any volume.

2 Way Main Speakers with Hybrid Dual 5" Woofer
two driver design helps ensure audio accuracy by providing a greater frequency range. The speaker's crossover splits the frequency band into two ranges: bass frequencies to the woofer, treble frequencies go to the tweeter.

Compact Remote Commander® Remote Control
include keys to directly access tracks on a CD as well as preset stations programmed into tuner memory.

Digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner
provides the most accurate drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations and lets you choose from the wide variety of radio, talk shows and music programs, with the added enjoyment of stereo sound.

CD Play Modes (Program/Shuffle/Repeat)
lets you hear tracks in sequence as recorded, in program RMS order, a single track over and over, or all tracks in random (Shuffle) order.

In Japanese, Muteki means “unrivaled”. With powerful, room-filling sound, bold cosmetic design, and unique features that promise to get any party started, there’s no better way to describe Sony’s flagship shelf systems. Listen for yourself and we’re sure.