Sony LBT-ZX80D Mini Hi-Fi Component System

Sony Updated: 2007-09-27
Sony LBT-ZX80D Mini Hi-Fi Component System

Experience big sound without the big system. The LBT-ZX80D mini hi-fi component system has enough power to fill a room with digital cinema sound. Karaoke functionality will keep the party going and the X-Trance Pro feature adds funky sound effects to your music. Play your favorite DVDs and MP3 files burned to CD-R/RW discs and enjoy the dynamic realism of Dolby® Digital Pro Logic® II surround sound. And for the ultimate party atmosphere, attach D-Light Stage Lights (sold separately) to the D-Light Sync® port for lighting effects that react with the rhythm of the music.

In Japanese, Muteki means "unrivaled". With dynamic sound, cutting-edge design, and unique features that promise to get any party started, there's no better way to describe the LBTZX80Dmini component system.

880 Watts Total Power
For your listening pleasure. 200 Watts x 4 + 80 Watt RMS

3 DVD/Divx/MP3 Playback
allows you to play back DVDs, Divx DVDs, and MP3 files burned to CD-R/RW discs.

Dolby® Digital/Dolby® Pro Logic® II
Enables multi-channel digital surround sound that is dynamic, spacious and realistic. Generates 5.1 discrete channels of sound for Left, Right, Center, Left Surround, Right Surround and Low Frequency Effects (LFE) for a Subwoofer.

DTS Decoding
Delivers surround sound with superior dynamics and frequency response. Also provides the adjustments needed to match the sound to your listening room.

Digital Cinema Sound
A group of exclusive Sony developments that represent a total re-thinking of home theater sound, based on careful measurements of movie production dubbing stages in Hollywood.

X-Trance Pro
Create a party environment by using the following sound effects: Flange, Chorus and Delay.

D-Light Sync®
Give your party the professional edge by connecting the D-Light Sync® lights and creating different lighting vaiations such as pan, tilt, patterns or laser glitter. (D-Light Stage Lights is sold separately through American DJ and light controller is sold separately by Sony.)

Air Intake
the dual fan allows for a much more efficient cooling of the transformer by allowing air to be taken in from the front pass on the main unit.

Power Illuminator
the illuminator lights up in different modes such as music mode, volume response mode and sound flash mode.

Theatre Sync
Turn on your Sony TV and your Mini Hi Fi Component System with one button for fast access to your entertainment.

DVD Karaoke Mode
allows you to enjoy Karaoke on your system and sing along with a disc.

In Japanese, Muteki means “unrivaled”. With powerful, room-filling sound, bold cosmetic design, and unique features that promise to get any party started, there’s no better way to describe Sony’s flagship shelf systems. Listen for yourself and we’re sure.