Sony MDS-60 Music Desk Stand

Sony Updated: 2007-09-27
Sony MDS-60 Music Desk Stand

Share your phone-based music with a group of people when you slip your Walkman™ phone into the MDS-60 music desk stand. Producing a rich sound, this device is perfect for your home, work or travels. Boasting a fashionable, foldable design, the music desk stand is the ultimate portable music accessory.

Rich sound
Four full-range neodymium magnet speaker units give extra boost to the music stored in your music mobile phone. With stunning sound quality for its size, the Walkman® branded MDS-60 serves as a great accessory for any music lover. The integrated FM radio antenna tunes into your favorite radio station. The MDS-60 has been developed in coordination with your Sony Ericsson music mobile phone in order to bring the best possible sound to your ears.

Portable convenience: powered by battery or AC adapter
Drawing its power from either battery or wall socket, this music desk stand is a truly portable music device. The back panel of the MDS-60 can be detached and moved to the front of the stand, protecting the speakers during transport. It is small enough to fit in your bag, making it easy to bring to the next get-together.

Simultaneous charging of mobile phone
Attach a charger to the desk stand to simultaneously charge your mobile phone. Please note that if you are running the desk stand on batteries, there is an off-switch if you do not wish to charge your phone through the batteries, but only play music.