Sony MDS-70 Home Audio System

Sony Updated: 2007-09-27
Sony MDS-70 Home Audio System

Sporting a stylish design, the MDS-70 home audio system allows you to enjoy the music on Walkman™ phone from anywhere in your home. With amplified surround sound, full-range speaker units and a subwoofer for deep, rich bass you'll hear the music on your mobile phone in a whole new way. The unit comes equipped with a 2.5mm line-in connector and mini remote. When you'd rather listen to your phone's FM radio, just connect the supplied wire antenna to hear radio programming.

Superior sound
Put your music mobile phone in the cradle of the MDS-70 to enjoy superior sound quality with an extra bass-punch, for example at home or in your office. An S-Master® Digital Amplifier, two full-range neodymium loudspeakers and a high-quality subwoofer give more power to your mobile phone. Regular loudspeakers are not able to reproduce the lower bass frequencies cleanly at any significant volume. However, if the loudspeakers do not have to play the lower bass frequencies, they will sound better at higher volume levels. By adding subwoofer you can easily create a richer sound. A subwoofer can be located anywhere within the listening area. With a surround mode through DSP (Digital Signal Processing) you will have a full sound that fills a room. The MDS-70 has been developed in coordination with your Sony Ericsson mobile phone in order to bring the best possible sound to your ears.

FM radio antenna
The built-in FM radio antenna increases your music opportunities. Tune into your favorite radio show and enjoy the music in stereo loudspeakers.

Remote control
An included remote control allows you to stear your playlist from a distance.

Sleek design
The shape of the MDS-70 not only makes it easy to attach the phone, it also leaves the phone's display clearly visible. Blending into your home, the MDS-70 has a fresh and innovative design in silver that will fit in your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Simultaneous charging of mobile phone
The integrated charger charges your mobile phone while you are enjoying your favorite music. When you are ready to go, so is your phone.