Sony SCD-XA9000ES SACD/CD Single Disc Player

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony SCD-XA9000ES SACD/CD Single Disc Player

The the SCD-XA9000ES super audio CD player incorporates an uncompressed digital output for the Direct Stream Digital® signal. This i.LINK®2 digital audio interface is your gateway to a growing range of outboard D/A converters from specialty audio companies. Of course, the player also incorporates superb Tri Power SA DACs, for effortless musical analog output. The super-rigid Frame and Beam (FB) construction reduces even the subtlest resonance-induced distortion. Audiophile-grade discrete components, twin R-Core power transformers and gold-plated outputs maintain the utmost performance.

Fixed Line Output: Yes
Unbalanced Audio Output: Yes
Optical and Coaxial Digital Ouputs for CD Selection: Yes
6 Multi-Channel Analog Output, plus Stereo Line Level Output for CD and SA-CD: Yes
Control A-1 II for Connection to Sony Components: Yes
Frame and Beam Chasis Construction: Yes
Dual R-Core Power Transformers: Yes
Gold Plated Line Outputs: Yes
Aluminum Front Panel: Yes
Off-Center Insulator Feet: Yes
Direct Disc Selection plus Track Access via Jog Dial® Control: Yes
Multi-Channel Super Audio CD Playback Capability: Yes
CD/CD-R/CD-RW Playback Capability: Yes
Tri-Powered Super Audio D/A Converter System: Yes
Multi-Channel Direct Stream Digital? Decoder: Yes
Multi-Channel Management System: Yes
Discrete Laser/Optical Pick Up System with Dual Lasers: Yes
Direct Digital Synch D/A Clock System: Yes
32 Step Programming: Yes
All Disc/All Track Repeat Functions via Remote: Yes
SA-CD Text/CD Text Capability: Yes