Sony STR-DG910 Home Theater A/V Receiver

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony STR-DG910 Home Theater A/V Receiver

Impress your friends and wake the neighbors with this earth-shaking, 770-watt audio video receiver. The STR-DG910 not only has 7.1 channels for intense Blu-ray Disc® movies, it also boasts an array of features that will make your home entertainment more immersive. And most of the high-tech features work automatically, like the "one-touch play" of the BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ remote and the digital cinema auto calibration that adjusts speaker levels for the best sound. You can also play XM® satellite radio in surround sound and easily connect your Bluetooth® receiver, audio docking station, Network Walkman® or iPod® music player quickly and easily using the innovative Digital Media Port (DMP).

Optimized for Blu-ray Disc™ and most HD Sources
Sony’s A/V Receivers are engineered to be the ideal Blu-ray Disc A/V receiver, fully compatible with the Sony® BDP-S1 Blu-ray Disc™ Player. Superior video switching and audio performance ensure seamless compatibility with today’s demanding HD sources. The STR-DG810 supports Linear PCM and has two High Definition Media Interface™ (HDMI™) inputs that are capable of accepting resolutions up to 1080p, offering the full video quality that Blu-ray Disc format can deliver.

BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™
As a leader in products with HDMI connectivity, Sony has created BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ technology to go beyond simple audio and video transmission. Starting with the STR-DG810, Sony’s A/V receivers will transmit control functions to a select number of BRAVIA LCD televisions as well as new DVD players in the Sony line. With “One Touch Play,” operations that took several steps have been reduced to one. Press the PLAY button on the remote, watch the A/V receiver turn on, then the DVD player power on and start to play, finally the BRAVIA television turns on and switches to the correct video input. Simple...Easy...BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™.

The demand for digital content continues to be strong. The challenge: how do you integrate music in various forms into a receiver? The answer: Sony’s DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (DMP). Together with one of the DMP accessories (sold separately), this proprietary connection broadens the interface of home theater systems and components, connects with various devices which provide the ability to control and power devices while making set up easy and operation simple. The DMP accessories will include a PC Client Ready device, Bluetooth® receiver (for today’s Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and other portable devices) and Audio Docking Stations compatible with Network Walkman™ and iPod® products. So regardless of how you store your music, Sony’s DIGITAL MEDIA PORT offers a point of access to integrate your portable music into a traditional home theater system.

HDMI™ "Active Intelligence"
Powerful HDMI™ connectivity combined with Active Intelligence offers automatic detection of optimal video and audio signals from all connected components with convenience of a simple one wire connection.

XM® Connect and Play™ Ready with 5.1 Neural Decoding
A world of digital radio is at your fingertips. Connect the optional Connect-and-Play antenna, sign up for XM service and enjoy the variety of digital radio with the superior sound quality of an A/V receiver.

Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
Now the optimal speaker settings for your living room are only a press of button away. Simply place the included microphone in your listening position and allow the strength of Sony’s Digital Signal Processing to take over. Speaker placement, distance, and delays are all calibrated automatically to ensure a worry free listening experience.

Advanced A/V Sync
Special Digital Signal Processing allows for lip sync delay to adjust to match the refresh rates of today’s advanced flat panel televisions and microdisplays.

Digital Cinema Sound™
Sony’s original Digital Cinema Sound technology uses exclusive DSP technology to recreate the precise environment of three Hollywood Dubbing Stages where your movies are created. True theater sound in the home from the source.