Sony TC-WE475 Cassette Player/Recorder

Sony Updated: 2007-09-27
Sony TC-WE475 Cassette Player/Recorder

The TC-WE475 cassette player/ recorder is packed with features that enable a great listening and recording experience. Use the dual auto reverse feature as you listen, and hear the difference that Dolby B and C noise reduction makes as it suppresses high frequency noise. Additional features include Dolby HX Pro circuitry, auto record level, multi-AMS track search, relay play and full-logic, feather-touch controls.

Dolby® B/C Noise Reduction: Yes
Dolby® HX Pro® Circuitry: Yes
Relay Play: Yes
Wide-Range Pitch Control: Yes
Switchable MPX Filter: Yes
Fader Switch: Yes
High Speed Dubbing Tape Deck: Yes
Dual Auto Reverse, Full Logic Feather Touch Operation: Yes
Super-Density Permalloy Heads: Yes
Automatic Record Level: Yes
Multi-AMS Track Search: Yes
Twin Electronic Counters: Yes
High-Speed Dubbing: Yes
Remote Control Capable with Sony A/V Receivers: Yes
Control A1 Capability: Yes
Headphone Jack: Yes