Yamaha PJP-50R Projectphone IP Audio Conference System

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-11
Yamaha PJP-50R Projectphone IP Audio Conference System


Easy on the talkers
Sixteen arrayed microphones at the top of the unit reliably reproduce the voices of the conference participants. Also, a high performance adaptive echo canceller prevents annoyances such as echo, cut-outs and drops in volume when participants are speaking at the same time, ensuring that your conference proceeds smoothly.

Easy on the listeners
The undermounted four speaker array follows acoustic design principles for sound reproduction that is comfortable on the ear. Yamaha's proprietary three channel echo canceller and virtual sound source generation technology spatially divide audio output so voices can be clearly differentiated even during multipoint/multiperson conferences.

Easy to Connect
The PJP-50R(s) is equipped with IP network, analog phone line and audio interfaces to broad flexibility of application, an integrated audio mixer lets you combine multipoint IP, analog and audio inputs. Also, a high performance adaptive echo cnaceller facilitates conferencing in a variety of environments form large, open-space offices to small meeting rooms with high reverberation.


* Multifunctional, high-fidelity IP connection
When a cascade connection is created through the internet, a corporate LAN, or a other network, a multipoint conference of up to eight locations can be opened with no additional hardware. Offers high-fidelity, multipoint and multiperson conferencing.
* Connects with a land line and mobile phones
Comes standard with an analog phone/modular jack. when connecting through a phone line, the PJP-50R(s) can link up with land line phones, mobile phones or any conferencing system from other manufacturers that support analog telephony.
* Connects to a PC with an audio cable
You can connect the unit to a PC as an external microphone speaker with an audio cable. It is also ideal as a microphone speaker to web conferencing.
* Pickup range
The PJP-50R is suitable for approximately four participants.
* Connection examples
You can expand the pickup range by daisy-chaining PJP-50R's with audio cables. The PJP-50R can be linked up for use with the PJP-100H/PJP-100UH for use by a large number of people and in various other circumstances.