Canon F-766S Scientific Calculator

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Canon F-766S Scientific Calculator

The Canon F-766S pocket-sized calculator handles a total of 349 functions, and its large, high-contrast LCD makes calculations easy and comfortable. The Canon F-766S includes Mathematics, Trigonometry, Computer math and Statistics, and also provides a host of unique functions, an LCD brightness adjuster, a battery strength indicator and 38 built-in formulas. The dual power - solar and battery - allows you to perform your calculations whether you are in the school or on the go. It also provides a removable hard cover case which protects it against damage when you are on the move.


* Total 349 functions
* 10+2 digits
* Dual power source : solar and battery
* 17 store and recall memory functions
* 38 built-in formulas
* Undo / input entry
* Adjustable LCD contrast
* Battery strength indicator
* Quick reference guide
* Protective hard case included


Print Capability: No

Display Type: LCD, 1st line : Dot matrix, 2nd line: 7 segments
Digits Displayed: 10+2 digits
Screen Size: 2 lines
Adjustable Display: Contrast Adjustable

Chain Multiplication/Division: Yes
Constant Multiplication/Division/Percentage Calculations: Yes
Exponential: Yes
Factorial: Yes
Hyperbolic: Yes
Logarithmic: Yes
Mean: Yes
Octal Binary Hexadecimal: Yes
Square: Yes
Standard Deviation Of Population: Yes
Standard Deviation Of Sample: Yes
Trigonometric: Yes
Reciprocal Calculations: Yes
Automatic Power-off: Auto power off (approx. 7 minutes)
Other Features: Fraction calculation, Degree-minutes-seconds<->decimal degrees/sexagesmial calculation, equation solving, CALC and SOLVE function, complex number operations, least common multiple/greatest common divisor, absolute value calculation, angles conversion, DRG mode calculation, trigonometric calculation, coordination conversion, base-N calculation (binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal) and transformation between DHBO, logic operator, 1-/2- variable -2,sum of value, median, maximum/minimum value, permutations, combinations, probability distribution, linear regression, quadratic and inverse regression, correlation and regression coefficient, random number generation, last digit recall, multiple replay, block level replay, UNDO/input recover
Power Source: Battery & Solar (Yes/No): Yes
Memory: No of store memory: 17; Independent Memory: 1

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