Canon HS-1000TG Desktop Calculator

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Canon HS-1000TG Desktop Calculator

The HS-1000TG desktop calculator from Canon is ideal for your school or home office. Environmentally friendly, the HS-1000TG is made from the recycled materials of Canon copiers; featuring 100% post consumption recycled plastic upper and lower casings. Boasting a stylish champagne gold color and compact design, the HS-1000TG is solar powered; with a replaceable battery for longer use. The 10-digit display encompasses numerous commands - including a tax function - making this desktop calculator simple to operate. A large LCD display allows you to easily see all your computations. With its stylish design and convenient functionality, you'll be amazed to see how well the HS-1000TG fits into your day-to-day tasks.


* 10-digit display
* Upper and lower casings made from 100% recycled plastic
* Tax calculation
* Square root, sign change, and memory keys
* Decimal positions: A, 4, 3, 2, 0, F
* Solar and battery power source
* Canon Generation Green

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