Canon KC-20 Handheld Displays Calculator

Canon Updated: 2007-08-08
Canon KC-20 Handheld Displays Calculator

The KC-20 Key Chain Calculator is Canon's answer for those performing mathematical calculations on the run.

The KC-20 is designed with a freely rotating key chain so you can take this compact, handheld mini-calculator wherever you go. A great idea for gifts and premiums, the KC-20 is a handy solution for figuring out item discounts or running totals while shopping.  The KC-20 features an easy-to-read, 8-digit Liquid Crystal Display and rubber key tops. Its single alkaline battery provides up to 3,500 hours of operation, so you'll always have the right answer to any addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problem. The KC-20 even offers sophisticated functions such as chain multiplication and division, raising to a power, reciprocals and percentages. With the Canon KC-20, the right answer is always at your fingertips.


Designed with a free rotating key chain

8-digit liquid crystal display

Floating decimal point system

Overflow and error (E) sign, minus (-) sign