Canon KC-30 Calculator

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Canon KC-30 Calculator

The mini-calculator KC-30 is designed with a freely-rotating key chain that allows you to take it along wherever you go. Together with its large LCD and easy-to-operate rubber keytops, you will have no difficulties doing your daily calculations.


* 8 digits
* Designed with a freely rotating key chain
* Floating decimal point system


Display Type: LCD
Digits Displayed: 8 digits

Decimal Point System: No
Delta Percentage Calculation: No
Rounding: No
Tax Calculation Tip: No
Currency Conversion: No
Clock/Calendar: No
Automatic Power-off: Approx. 7 minutes
Power Source: Battery & Solar (Yes/No): Yes
Sign Change: No
Item Count: No
Mark-up/down: No
Cost/Sell/Margin: No
Memory: No
Grand Total: No

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