Canon MP21DV Desktop Printing Calculator

Canon Updated: 2007-08-08
Canon MP21DV Desktop Printing Calculator

Canon's MP21-DV with its crisp and clear two-color printout, makes hard work easy.

Combine innovative styling with powerful performance and what do you get? The MP21-DV - Canon's 2-color desktop printing calculator. Quick and silent, the printer provides crisp, professional printouts. With the non-impact printer, negative numbers are printed in red and positive numbers in black for fast and easy identification. The contoured design of each key top has been developed to fit your finger tips ensuring speed and comfort.


12 digits for all Calculations

Fluorescent Tube Display

Print speed 3.5 lines per second

Heavy-duty, high-speed ink ribbon printer

Easy-to-use tax keys

Mark-up/down and delta percent

Sign Change key

Double and triple zero