Canon MP41DHII Desktop Printing Calculator

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Canon MP41DHII Desktop Printing Calculator

Combine an innovative illuminated display technology with powerful performance and what do you get? The MP41DHII, Canon's prestigious 2-color-illuminated display calculator. You can get clear and reliable results at just a glance, as well as professional printouts. Positive numbers are printed in black while negative numbers appear in red for fast and easy identification. The contoured design of each keytop has been developed to conform to your fingertips, ensuring speed and comfort.


* 14 digits
* Two-color illuminated display
* High-speed ink ribbon printer
* Prints in black and red color (positive in black, negative in red)
* Decimal positions : +, 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, F
* Profit margin calculation
* Convenient double and triple zero keys

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