Canon P1-DHIII Portable/Palm Printing Calculator

Canon Updated: 2007-08-10
Canon P1-DHIII Portable/Palm Printing Calculator

Canon continues to expand its calculator quality with more advanced features in this simple to use, palm printing calculator. Now the P1-DHIII offers advanced calculations right in the palm of your hand. Business and Sales functions can be calculated with the touch of a few keys. Tax rates can be stored and recalled whenever needed. And if you need a printout--no problem--the P1-DHIII may be small, but provides professional printouts using the standard size calculator paper roll.


Large, Liquid Crystal Display

Ink Roller Printing

Prints purple

Business & Sales Calculation

Sturdy metallic paper arm

Easy-to-use tax keys

Decimal Positions: 0,2,3,4, A, F

Automatic power-off function

AC/DC power (adapter included)