Casio CFX-9850GCPlus Graphing Calculator

Casio Updated: 2007-08-30
Casio CFX-9850GCPlus Graphing Calculator

The CFX-9850GCPlus has over 900 functions with 21 characters x 8 lines, 15 Digit - 10 + 2 Display and 64KB Total Memory. With the "PLUS" you can master list-based, one- and two-variable statistical calculations, a variety of regressions and advanced statistics and financial calculations.

In addition to all of the advanced features of the CFX-9850G+, the "PLUS" offers List-Based, One-and Two-Variable Statistics - with the "PLUS", you can master list-based statistical calculations with both single and double variables. It also performs linear, median-median, quadratic, polynomial, cubic, logarithmic, exponential, power, logistic and sinusodial regressions. This calculator also offers an exclusive NTSC Calculator-to-Television interface for demonstrating the calculator in the classroom.

Compatible with Casio Data Analysis device for collecting and analyzing real world data. You can also use the communications port for linking to a Personal Computer (using optional linking software and cable) or another CFX9850 Series Calculators.

# Powerful color capabilities include overwriting multiple graphs in different colors, color coding of graphs and their equations, color shading and color tracing
# Graphing functions include rectangular and polar coordinates, parametric, inequality and vertical lines.
# Dynamic, "animated" graphing allows you to change the variables in a formula and watch the graph move accordingly.
# Solves systems of equations and finds real and complex roots of polynomials.
# Advanced graph analysis tools include 4-way scrolling, zoom, box zoom, trace, plot, line shading and overwrite.
# Graph Solve finds roots, maxima, minima, y intercept, intersections and integrals of graphed functions.
# Large, 32KB memory allows storage of user-defined programs and data.
# Creates tables of values, graphs and Cob Web plots from 2 recursively defined sequences and summations.
# Statistical calculations and graphing including scatter plots, histograms, box and whisker plots, and 8 regression types.
# Instant replay recalls your previous entries.
# Complex number calculations.
# Battery back-up protects stored information.
# Automatic power shut-off.
# Hard, round-cornered keys are tamperproof.
# Slide-on hard case