Casio DF-120TM Desktop Calculator

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Casio DF-120TM Desktop Calculator

Featuring Solar Plus and Big Display, this 12-digit Solar Plus calculator is the perfect for desktop use at home or in the office.

DF-120TM Technical Specifications

Digit: 12
Type: Big Display
Special: Desktop

Function Command Signs
Independent Memory
Profit Margin %
Square Root: No
Change Sign (+/-)
Tax Functions
Grand Total
Key Rollover
Plastic Keys
Round Off
Cut Off
Round Up: No
Decimal Selector: 0-4
ADD Mode

Solar: Solar Plus w/ battery backup
Auto Power Off

Unit Dimensions
Height (inches): 1-2/5"
Width (inches): 4-4/5"
Length (inches): 6-6/10"
Weight: 6.4 oz