Casio EA-100 School Accessories Calculator

Casio Updated: 2007-08-29
Casio EA-100 School Accessories Calculator

Make the world your classroom. With the Casio Data Analysis System students are actively observing phenomena of the natural world.

Technical Specs

* 6 Channels: 3 analog inputs, 1 ultra-sonic motion detector input, 1 digital input, 1 digital output
* Auto "ID Probe" can automatically recognize the type of probe connected to each channel
* 1 temperature probe, 1 light probe and 1 voltage probe included
* Measure motion, temperature, light, force, sound pH and more with appropriate probes
* I/O port for linking with CFX-9850G+, CFX-9850GB Plus, and FX74000G, and FX 2.0
* Data Log allows for display of data from the specified channel during sampling of display data to confirm when sampling is completed
* Restart feature allows the Casio Data Analysis System to record the set-up text from the calculator and return to the set-up state to "restart" measuring if any errors occur
* Compute first and second derivatives on collected data
* Data smoothing algorithms "built-in"
* Channel View Function
* Collect data on up to five channels simultaneously
* Collect data at rates of up to 10,000 points per second for up to 255 points per channel
* Collect data real time
* AC adapter port
* Powered by 4 AAA batteries
* Impact resistant carrying and storage case for System and Probes included
* Comprehensive guidebook included
* Experiment workbook of classroom examples for math, physics and chemistry included
* One year limited warranty