Casio FA-123 Serial School Accessories Calculator

Casio Updated: 2007-08-29
Casio FA-123 Serial School Accessories Calculator

Program-Link Software for Windows®98/95/3.1 data and backups can be transferred between a graphic calculator and a PC.


The FA-123 Software allows our graphing models (fx-7400g Plus,FX9750g Plus, and CFX-9850gb Plus) the ability to exchange data with personal computers, other identical models and the Casio Data Analyzer.

Interfacing with personal computers is accomplished through the use of Program Link, our optional computer software interface package. Compatible with both IBM-PC compatible and Apple Macintosh computers. Program Link is a powerful data communication program designed especially for the Power Graphic, and comes with a data cable that connects directly between the calculator and your computer.

This accessory opens the door to tremendous capability. First, you can upload your program date for virtually limitless storage, capacity using floppy disks or your computer's hard drive.

You can quickly "capture" your graphs and print them out for inclusion in test papers and publications. You can even edit programs from your computer.

Software package for Windows and Macintosh compatible computers:
Program Link Model FA-123 for fx-7400g Plus, fx-9750g Plus, CFX-9850gb Plus.

Main Features

* Programs, data and backups can be transferred between a graphic calculator and a PC.
* Programs can be downloaded from the Web to your graphic calculator.
* You can create new programs, and edit programs including those downloaded from the Web on a PC.
* Screen images of a graphic calculator can be transferred to a PC.
* Images received by a PC can be saved as ".bmp", ".tif" and ".pcx" files for a Windows PC and ".pict" and ".tiff" for a Macintosh computer.
* Because the ALGEBRA FX 2.0 is compatible with the conventional models, it can use those programs and data created by the conventional models.
* Programs of the 7400 Series/9850 Series can be upgraded to programs of the ALGEBRA FX 2.0.
* Matrix/List data can be converted to CSV files.
* Numerical data consisting of CSV files can be converted to the Matrix/List and read by a graphic calculator.


* Computer-IBM PC/AT or compatible
* Operating System - Windows 3.1/Windows 95/Windows 98
* Monitor - Color(256 colors or more)
* Minimum free space on hard drive - 1MB on user specified drive, 200KB on system drive
* RAM -  1MB free
* Serial Port - 1 port free


* Computer - Macintosh (68030 CPU or newer)
* Operating System - System 7 or higher
* Monitor - Color or B&W
* Minimum free space on hard drive - 2.0MB
* RAM - 2.5MB free
* Serial Port - 1 port free


* PC/Macintosh Program Disk
* PC-Link Cable(with Macintosh connector)
* CASIO Program-Link FA-123 User's Guide

The CASIO FA-123 needs the exclusive cable SB-155. Those users who had downloaded the software for FA-123 from the Web are asked to purchase the exclusive cable SB-155.

FA-123USB uses a USB Conenction.